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Nanny Professionalism: On No-Shows / No-Calls

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Ghosting has become a popular term these days. It refers to when a person suddenly stops communicating with another person completely without any notice. This usually happens when that person loses interest to communicate.

As much as this scenario happens in our personal lives, ghosting is also present in our professional lives, even in childcare. It is undeniable that there are instances where nannies suddenly stop communicating with families prior to hiring them. Emergencies and other personal matters are understandable and valid, but nannies are expected to communicate to families and avoid no-calls / no-shows. What's worse is that when they just suddenly stop going to work without prior notice. Even when families or agencies reach out to them, they no longer respond.

As an agency, we strongly promote nanny professionalism because this is one of the major qualities a nanny should possess. Families are willing to provide the comfort of a stable job and benefits in exchange for the nanny providing quality, reliable care to their children and consistent communication. Putting trust into nannies is not an easy thing to do, but since nannies from agencies are well-vetted and reference-checked, families expect that these nannies can keep up with their work expectations.

Regardless of what the nanny's reason is, ghosting can negatively affect both parties. When the nanny is regularly tardy, no-call, no-show, or just altogether ghosts, families will typically reach out to the agency to find a replacement that is reliable - this could take weeks/months where the family is without care. The ripple effect of this behavior often negatively impacts the parent's work schedule and livelihood.

On the other hand, nannies will probably receive negative feedback which might affect when they apply for another job. We understand if a family is not a great fit or life happens and the nanny needs to leave the position. However, ghosting is highly unprofessional. A nanny is much more likely to have a good reference from a previous family if they gracefully exit the situation with at least 1-2 weeks' notice and an explanation of why they need to leave. It is highly important for nannies to do their best to communicate with families if something has come up. If something personal is happening to the nanny's life, we recommend doing self-care and taking a couple of days off if needed to keep grounded and to avoid potential no-calls / no-shows in the future.


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