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  • What are the services that you offer?
    We offer Full-Time Nanny, Part-Time Nanny, Live-in Nanny, Nanny Share, Temporary Nanny, On-Call Nannies, and Baby Night Nurse/Doula. We also offer specialty searches for Household Managers, Personal Assistants, Housekeepers, and Private Educators and Tutors.
  • How much is your application fee?
    We charge a one-time $300 Search Initiation Fee for Nanny Placement and for On-Call Sitter Services, a $150 Membership Fee. Searches cannot begin until the Search Initiation Fee/Membership Fee is paid in full and the Agency Contract is signed.
  • Do you provide part-time placements?
    We do provide part-time nanny placements, but we have a minimum guaranteed hours per week requirement for these positions. This requirement is based on our preference for working with career nannies and professional childcare providers who typically seek full-time or at least 30-hour-per-week positions. Our experience has shown that nannies offered 30 hours per week or more tend to stay with families for the long term, demonstrating greater reliability, professionalism, and consistency.
  • How much is the placement fee?
    Our fee structure consists of just two components: the search initiation fee and the final placement fee. We require a $300 Search Initiation Fee to start the search and the final placement fee varies based on the kind of nanny placement you need. We do not require a placement fee unless you have successfully hired a nanny through our agency. Typically, the placement fee is a percentage of the nanny's annual gross salary (based on 52 weeks) pay or a set minimum fee and different types of placements have different percentages and flat rate minimums. To learn more about our fees and calculate your placement fee cost, please visit our Fees page for more details.
  • How does your agency vet and screen nannies?
    Our agency places the utmost importance on the safety and well-being of your family. To ensure the highest standards of vetting and screening for our nannies, we have established a partnership with TruDiligence, a highly reputable screening company located in Colorado. Our comprehensive screening process includes: ​ Standard National Background Checks ​ We conduct thorough national background checks on all our nanny candidates. This process delves into their criminal history, ensuring that only individuals with a clean record are considered for placement. Driving Record Check ​ We also perform a detailed examination of the candidate's driving record. This is particularly important if driving will be a part of their responsibilities. For more in-depth information about the specific checks and screening procedures we employ, we invite you to visit our Parent Application page.
  • Do you offer temporary or backup nanny services?
    When parents hire a nanny through our agency, we offer them the option to use GTM Payroll Services for their nanny's payroll needs. Certainly, we understand that life can be unpredictable, and there may be times when you need temporary or backup nanny services. As part of our commitment to supporting families comprehensively, we provide the following: On-Call Sitter Membership ($2500 value) With all our long-term placements, we offer a complimentary annual on-call sitter membership to families for the first year. This membership serves as a valuable resource for supplementing care in various situations: Date Nights ​ When you need a trusted caregiver for a night out or special occasion. Unforeseen Circumstances ​ In the event that your nanny is unable to provide care due to illness or unexpected circumstances. This service has proven to be invaluable for many of our families, offering peace of mind and a reliable solution when you require temporary or backup childcare support. Your family's well-being and convenience are at the forefront of our services.
  • What qualifications and experience do the nannies in your agency have?
    Our nannies have diverse qualifications and backgrounds, including Early Childhood Education, social work, extensive caregiving experience, and certifications as Doulas or night nurses. We set high standards, requiring at least 3 years of caregiving experience with young children. We tailor our matches to your family's unique needs, ensuring caregivers have the right experience for your child's age group.
  • What is the process for finding and hiring a nanny through your agency?
    Here's how our process works: Parent Application Start by completing our Parent Application to provide essential details about your family's needs. ​ Agency Contract and Fee After receiving your application, we'll send you our Agency Contract and a $250 Search Initiation Fee invoice. ​ Job Post Creation We'll craft a job post based on your application, ensuring it reflects your expectations. ​ Nanny Candidate Review Upon identifying a promising candidate, our next step is to provide a background information of the candidate. After which we will proceed to coordinate scheduling an interview between the candidate and family. ​ Nanny Offer Letter/Agreement When you find the right fit, we'll assist in creating a Nanny Offer Letter/Agreement to formalize the arrangement. ​ Placement Fee Our placement fee is a percentage of the nanny's annual gross salary, payable upon a successful placement. Families in nanny shares can split this fee.
  • How does the partnership between our agency and GTM Payroll work for parents?
    When parents hire a nanny through our agency, we offer them the option to use GTM Payroll Services for their nanny's payroll needs. GTM will handle payroll processing, tax calculations, and compliance, while providing guidance and support as necessary.
  • Are your nannies trained in CPR and first aid?
    Absolutely, the safety of your family is a top priority for us. To ensure this, we have a clear policy regarding CPR and first aid certification for our nannies: CPR and First Aid Certification We require all our nannies to have either completed or have up-to-date CPR and first aid certification before they begin working with your family. This certification is essential as it equips our nannies with the necessary skills to respond effectively in case of emergencies. Support for Certification In situations where a nanny is not yet certified, we take proactive steps to assist them in obtaining this crucial credential. We understand the vital importance of having a caregiver who is trained in CPR and first aid, and we work diligently to ensure that every nanny meets this requirement. Your family's safety and well-being are paramount to us, and we are committed to providing you with caregivers who are prepared to handle any unforeseen circumstances with the utmost professionalism and competence.
  • Can you match a nanny's qualifications and personality to our family's needs?
    Our goal is to ensure a perfect match between your family and a nanny through: ​ Parent Application You complete a detailed form, helping us understand your family's needs and preferences. ​ Personalized Matching We use this information to match you with a qualified nanny who aligns with your unique requirements. ​ Ongoing Support We support you throughout the interview and trial process to make an informed decision. ​ Our commitment is to foster a nurturing partnership that meets your practical needs and values.
  • What is the typical hourly or salary rate for nannies placed through your agency?
    The hourly or salary rate for nannies placed through our agency is variable and dependent on several factors. These factors include: ​ Professional Experience Nannies with extensive experience typically command higher rates. Credentials Those with specialized certifications or education may have different compensation expectations. Number of Children Rates may vary based on the number of children under the nanny's care. Duties and Responsibilities ​ Rates can also be influenced by the scope of responsibilities assigned to the nanny. ​ In today's market, most caregivers typically request hourly rates ranging from $20 to $35. However, it's important to note that the specific rate for your chosen nanny will be determined based on your unique requirements and the candidate's qualifications. Our agency will work closely with you to find a caregiver whose qualifications align with your needs and budget.
  • Are there any additional services or resources your agency provides to support families and nannies?
    We provide a comprehensive range of support: ​ E-Book ​ Access our free e-book, 'Hiring and Managing Your Dream Nanny,' on the Parent Application page for valuable insights and tips. Social Media Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram for updates, discussions, and childcare-related content. ​ Agency Blog Explore our regularly updated blog for informative articles and advice. ​ Email/Online Support Get personalized assistance via email or our online platform. ​ Our goal is to empower both families and nannies with resources and knowledge for a successful placement experience.
  • What happens if there is a dispute or issue with the nanny placement or in case a nanny becomes unavailable suddenly?
    We're here to support you in case of issues: Placement Guarantee ​ We offer a 6-month replacement guarantee for cases like nanny quitting or family dissatisfaction. ​ Ongoing Support We assist in resolving disputes and aim for fair resolutions. ​ Backup Childcare We provide backup childcare assistance through on-call membership. ​ Replacement Process We'll strive to find a suitable replacement nanny. If declined, we follow contract and fee policies. ​ We prioritize your satisfaction and offer comprehensive support throughout the placement process.
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