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Nanny Services

What Exactly Does A Nanny Do?

Thinking about hiring a nanny, but not sure what to expect? You're not alone. While many families in the United States today are busy and need full-time help, many do not know exactly what a nanny does for the household. When you're looking for nanny services, it's important to know exactly what kind of help your nanny will provide.


Depending on the nanny agency you work with, you may be able to expect that your family's nanny will:


  • Take on as many childcare responsibilities as you would like, from getting your kids ready for school to putting them to bed at night

  • Contribute to or take over meal preparation and grocery shopping

  • Complete household chores, such as picking up around the house and doing the laundry

  • Transport children to school, sports, and other activities

  • Communicate with you about any concerns regarding your children


When you are looking for nanny services, you may not be sure of exactly what you need from a nanny. This is where your nanny agency can help. After you complete your application for nanny services, your placement coordinator will talk with you to fully understand the needs of your family. From there, you'll be matched with a nanny whose schedule, experience, and personality are a good fit for your family's needs.


You may feel nervous about inviting a stranger into your home, but you'll likely find that your new nanny quickly begins to feel like a part of the family. Many of our nannies stay with their families for years, and children look to them the same way they would a beloved aunt or other relative. A nanny doesn't take the place of a parent, but he or she does help to make the process of parenting less stressful.

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