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REF: 144

Job Description

We are looking for a professional, engaging, playful, and creative nanny with at least two years of childcare experience who is also willing to work during the weekends. We would like the nanny to nurture the children's creative side, limit screen time, and must not use punitive means to shape behavior. The family's 4-year old twins love doing crafts and playing outdoors so we would like the nanny to engage them in thoughtful summer crafts and outdoor fun.

Primary nanny duties include childcare, providing engaging and creative activities, and preparing meals/snacks for the children. We also require the nanny to be COVID vaccinated and boosted. Offers the opportunity to travel with the family.

Work Hours: Mondays-Fridays: 8AM-12PM, Saturdays: 8AM-1PM, Sundays: 2PM-6PM *flexible
Pay Range: $20.00-$26.00 per hour
Expected Start Date: May 21, 2022
*Requires COVID Vaccination and Booster

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